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 Suikoden Rules

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PostSubject: Suikoden Rules   Sat Dec 31, 2016 1:31 am

*Keep in mind that if you break any of the following rules the consequences include; jailed, banned, or IP banned.*

1. Spamming skills, market advertisement, or overflowing chat is not allowed in the main towns.
2. The chat boxes are not allowed to be placed in the center of the towns or near NPCs.
3. DO NOT abuse bugs! If you encounter any bug, make sure to report it right away in the "Bug Report" section under "Support". Make sure to follow the correct guidelines on how to report a bug.
4. Kill stealing and basilica on MVP is considered KS.
5. Items, pets and equipment will not be replace if you accidentally dropped it.
6. Do not make character, guild titles, party, pets, or homunculus names with offensive words.
7. Impersonating a GM is automatically IP banned; including for the purpose of a joke. Similar names of a GM/Admin/Dev will not be tolerated and result in an IP ban.
8. Harassment PK; when a character is killed 3 times, by the same opposing character within a 15 minute time frame.
9. Do not set up ANY trade chats outside of the market place. Examples; B/S/T/LO
10. If a player dies while spawning DB/BB the monsters become FFA (Free for all). This includes MVP spawned naturally.
11. Do not loot or KS in the MVP room, ONLY 1 MVP is allowed per person at time.
12. Account share will not be tolerated. I don't you do decide to share your accounts with someone, is at your own risk.
13. Respect all staff members and players.
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Suikoden Rules
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