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 Suikoden Ragnarok Network

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PostSubject: Suikoden Ragnarok Network   Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:21 pm


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Commands To Keep In Mind:

Alt + V : Opens the basic information window with detailed character stats, name, and zeny.
Alt + B : Opens the instance window.
Alt + E : Opens the current inventory window.
Alt + Q : Opens the equipment and status window.
Alt + W : Opens the cart window.
Alt + U : Opens the quest window.
Alt + R : Opens the homunculus window.
Alt + J : Opens the pet window.
Alt + S : Opens the skill window.
F12 : Cycles through sets of shortcuts in the shortcut bar.
Alt + F10 : Toggles the chat window.
F10 : Cycles through the height of the chat window.
Alt + Z : Opens the party window.
Alt + H : Opens the friends window which shows friends' online status.
Ctrl + Tab : Cycles through how the mini map is displayed.
Alt + O : Opens the options window where the volume and skin can be adjusted.
Alt + C : Creates a chatroom.
Alt + L : Displays different emoticons.
Alt + M : Opens the macro window.
Alt+ Y : Displays a list of commands available.
Alt + G : Opens the Guild window.
Ctrl + R : Opens the mercenary window.
Alt + T : Switches between passive and aggressive modes for homunculii.
Ctrl + T : Switches between passive and aggressive modes for mercenaries.
Insert : Makes the character sit down or stand up.
Ctrl + ~ : Opens the in-game world map.
Alt + End : Toggles the players health and SP bars.

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Suikoden Ragnarok Network
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