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 Suikoden Staff Members

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PostSubject: Suikoden Staff Members   Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:31 pm

Administrators (Admin):
Overlook the entire server, they have access to all databases, donations, accounts, updating, uploading new NPCs, items, mobs, etc... Admins work behind the scene and you do not see them often. For the most part, they should not be disturbed at all, unless a serious technical problem occurs in-game.

Developers (Devs):
Are the hard-working, dedicated scripters that create custom NPCs, quests, mobs, maps, headgear, etc... They know the server all the way, EVERYTHING, just like admins, they work behind the scene and it's rare when you find one lurking around town but shouldn't be bothered by the most part.

Game Masters (GMs):
Are the most frequent staff members you will come across, they take care of what happens in-game. The crew deals with jails, bans, reports, player private messages (PMs), events, accounts, "hacking", items, etc..

There's 5 categories that differ a GM from another, these are; Head GM (full access to account info, jails, bans, IP bans, item+zeny wipes) High GM (full access to account info, works in game & out of game, jails, bans, item+zeny wipes, account & password recovery) Event GM (oversees all major in-game events, works in and out of game, oversees all main in game events, has game master access) GM (very limited player account access, limited troubleshooting, jails, temp-bans) Event GM Trainee (oversees all minor to main in-game events, has game master access) SubGM (trial period GM, no player account access, works mostly behind scenes, hidden, patrolling, jails).

Administrator: Mhairi
Head GM: Airy
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Suikoden Staff Members
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